Black four-leaf clover: Who will hold the earth elf Nome

 It may be in the hands of the remnants of the former Spade Kingdom

Looking at the work “Black Clover”, you will find an interesting phenomenon, that is, the mainland where the protagonist and others are located seems to be a poker table.

There are four countries on this continent, namely the Shamrock Kingdom, Diamond Kingdom, Heart Kingdom and Spade Kingdom.

Their logos correspond exactly to the four suits of playing cards. This may be a bad taste of the author, or it may be a foreshadowing in the future.

On this continent, there have been four legends of elves since ancient times, namely the wind elf Sylph, the fire elf Salamanda, the water elf Wendini and the earth elf Nome.

As far as the current comics are concerned, the Wind Elf, Fire Elf and Water Elf have already appeared. Only Nome, who is also the four attribute elves, has not yet appeared.

According to the elves who have already appeared, it is actually possible to speculate where the unearthed elves will appear.

The wind elf Silve was obtained by You Nuo, who belonged to the clover kingdom during the exploration of the magic palace. The appearance looks like an elf, very cute, and can strengthen his strength with You Nuo.

The fire elf Salamanda was brought by Fana, one of the three evil eyes, and then changed his owner to Fagraine, and Fana came from the diamond kingdom. As for the water elf Wendini, although it has not yet appeared in the animation, it has already appeared in the comics.

The owner is the queen of the Red Heart Kingdom, Luo Luo Peika.

If you look closely, you will find that the above three elves come from three countries, and exactly one country assigns an attribute elf. If this is the case, then the earth spirit Nome may be in the Kingdom of Spades.

Although the comics have entered the Kingdom of Spades, the specific internal situation has not yet been revealed. Because Asta and others had not yet entered the Kingdom of Spades, they were attacked by the “black tripolar” first.

So if the earth elf Nome is in the Kingdom of Spades, whose hands will it be in?

According to the known content, the attribute elves will only attach to the strong, so the three attribute elf masters that have appeared are all important and powerful characters.

Will the soil elves be in the hands of the devil in the Kingdom of Spades? If the earth elf is in the hands of the demon, the most likely owner is the “black tripolar”, but the magic of these three people is not based on the comics, so this possibility is very small.

In addition, if they are in the hands of demons, who can this elf give after they are defeated? You must know that the most impressive user of earth magic in the current protagonist team is only Thor who is next to Charlotte, but can she possess the earth elves in her strength?

So after we ruled out the demonic forces of the Kingdom of Spades, we can actually turn our gaze to the other side, maybe there are Yudang in the former Kingdom of Spades.

In the comics, we can know that Ralph, who belonged to the former royal family of Spades, came to the Kingdom of Clover to find Yuno after a lapse of more than ten years.

So have you ever thought that the Kingdom of Spades was destroyed by Zenon more than a decade ago, and what has Ralph been doing for the past decade?

Is it possible that Zenong did not wipe out the royal family of spades, leaving only a group of people to form the royal party, and has been preparing to restore the kingdom of spades.

If you think about this possibility carefully, how could they get rid of the forces of the original Spade Kingdom all at once?

Therefore, this surviving team must be commanded by a strong commander in order to continue struggling to survive under Zenon. If there is such an important role, then he is the most likely to have an earth elf.

After all, the earth elf knows that it is suitable for this team to hide and survive.

And this commander of all commanders, his identity is most likely to be a former member of the royal family of spades, or a member loyal to the royal family of spades, will only continue to resist for more than a decade.

According to the comics, Ralph’s father has this possibility, but it does not rule out the existence of other people. This is the author’s guess about where the soil elves are now. If you have different views, please leave a comment below.